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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in the update of the City's General Plan.

The City of Alhambra has kicked off its Comprehensive General Plan Update branded as  “Vision 2035 – A Community’s Mosaic.”  The General Plan is a long-range vision for the future of the community, and is sometimes referred to as the “blueprint” or “constitution” for the future. The City’s General Plan was last adopted in 1986, and although parts of the plan have been updated since then, it is necessary for the City to once again look into its future and decide what it wants to be, the direction it wants to go in and how it will get there.  

The Draft General Plan and Draft EIR are available at the City of Alhambra Community Development Department, located at 111 South First Street, Alhambra, California, 91801; the Alhambra Civic Center Library, located at 101 South First Street, Alhambra, California, 91801; and available through the following links below:


The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Alhambra General Plan,Vision 2040 - A Community Mosaic is available for review from August 3, 2018 to October 3, 2018.

The period for submitting comments on the Draft EIR has been extended to 5:00 p.m. on October 3, 2018. All comments must be mailed or submitted no later than October 3, 2018. Written comments may be submitted by U.S. Mail or by e-mail to:

Community Development Department

Attn: Vanessa Reynoso, Deputy Director of Community Development

City of Alhambra

111 South First Street

Alhambra, CA 91801

Please forward any comments by email to:

Previous General Plan documents:


  • Eco Fair: Informational Booth (Saturday, May 2, 2015 at Alhambra Park)
  • Kick-Off and Introduction: Joint Meeting of the City Council/Commissions/Boards (Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at the Granada Park Gym)
  • Community meeting to Introduce the Project and Identify Issues (May 20, 2015, Civic Center Library-Reese Hall)
  • 710 Day Celebration: Informational Booth (Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at Valley/Fremont)
  • Farmer's Market: Informational Booth (Sunday, June 28, 2015, South Second Street)
  • Farmer's Market: Informational Booth (Sunday, July 19, 2015, South Second Street)
  • Community Meeting #2  (Wednesday, January 13, 2016, Alhambra Civic Center Library -Reese Hall)
  • Community Meeting #3/EIR Scoping Meeting (Wednesday, June 14, 2017, Alhambra Civic Center Library- Reese Hall)
  • City Council Presentation (july 24, 2018, City Hall Council Chambers)
  • Community Meeting #4 (Tuesday, September 11, 2018, Civic Center Library-Reese Hall)


Contact us directly with your comments by sending an email to:

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