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Alhambra Community Transit (ACT) Bus: 626-570-5067

Call to report any problems or incidents related to the ACT bus.

Bee Swarms (City Trees Only): 626-308-4874

Call to report bee swarms on city trees only. If the infestation occurs on the resident's property,the property owner should contact a professonal pest control company. 

Graffiti Removal: 626-570-5072

When you see graffiti on public or private property that is visible from the street, call the Graffiti Hotline number. Identify the location of the graffiti and be as specific as possible. A Public Works crew will restore the wall, fence, etc. 

Note: Crews may not be able to restore garage doors due to the type of material used.

Hazardous Trees/Shrubs(Obstructing Traffic): 626-308-4874

Call to report trees that have fallen onto the roadway, as well as trees/shrubs/vegetation that obstruct traffic or sight distance at intersections, railroad crossings, curves, etc.

Malfunctioning Street Lights or Signals: 626-570-5072

Obstructions to Public Property and/orPublic Right of Way: 626-570-5067

Report any object that is obstructing, blocking or barricading public property or a public right-of-way.

Parking Lots: 626-570-5067

Report any matters of concern related to city parking lots.

Sidewalk & Street Maintenance Repair: Report any matters of concern related to street or sidewalk maintenance/repairs. 626-570-5067

Street Sweeping: 626-570-5072

Report any street sweeping concerns. During sweeping, debris is removed from the streets and then the street is scrubbed and rinsed.

Trimming of City Trees: 626-308-4874

Report trees on city-owned property that need care or trimming. Do not trim the trees yourself. Leave the job to our tree professionals. The Alhambra City Council has approved a schedule for city tree trimming every four years (palm trees in the city right-of-way are trimmed annually). For trees in a City park or on the Golf Course, please call Community Services, 626-570-5044.

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