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The Crime Prevention Section offers educational crime-fighting programs for residents, young & old, and the business community. While preventing crime is a community effort, the Alhambra Police Department offers training and information to help citizens take an active part in crime-fighting.

Welcome to the Alhambra Police Department's Crime Prevention Home Page
Keeping Alhambra a Safe Place to Live, Work & Play.

As the Police Department's Crime Prevention Specialist, I am often asked if Alhambra is a safe community to live, work and play. I honestly believe the answer to that question is a very positive "YES." As a community, Alhambra has one of the lowest crime rates in the greater Los Angeles area. 

However, how safe you are and how safe you feel relies in large part on you "anticipating," "recognizing" and "appraising" a crime risk and "taking action" to remove or reduce that risk. I could cite several national criminology studies that prove crime prevention works, but my favorite case studies are the ones that show how Alhambra residents have used the power of prevention to thwart criminal activity in our hometown! Together with Alhambra's Neighborhood Watch Block Captains, Citizens on Patrol volunteers, and Citizens Police Academy graduates, these good citizens have made a profound impact on reducing crime in our community.

So here you are on the Alhambra Police Department's Crime prevention web page. Maybe you have recently been a victim of a crime and you don't want to go through that experience again. Maybe you are here because you're just checking things out. Regardless of your reasons, I hope you find the information contained on these pages useful and that you are inspired to join us in helping to keep Alhambra a safe community for all!" 

At your Service,

Jessica Cuchilla, Crime Prevention Specialist


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