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City of Alhambra Finance Department

Annual Overnight Parking Permit

Phone: 626-570-5021

Apply online and manage the renewal of your Annual Parking Permit

Annual Overnight Parking Permit Application (printable - bring to the Finance Dept.)

Each permit issued is per one vehicle and registered owner of said vehicle. Permits may be purchased for $60 per year at the City Hall Finance Department during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.) 


  • The applicant must provide current Vehicle Registration and proof of Alhambra residency.
  • After completing the application, return it to the Finance Department. Approvals are granted only after the Alhambra Police Department determines there is not adequate off-street parking for the vehicle.
  • No overnight parking permits are issued to vehicles exceeding 6,000 lbs., non-motorized vehicles, trailers and vehicles exceeding 8-feet height, 6-feet width or 20-feet length.
  • If you change or sell your vehicle, remove the existing permit sticker from car windshield and submit with a transfer fee of $20.00. If the sticker is not presented at this time, it will be necessary to submit a new application with new permit fees.
  • If you change your address within Alhambra city limits, a new proof of residency permit must be submitted along with a $20 administrative fee.

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