Investigative Services

Investigations Main Phone Number: 626-570-5157



The Detective Bureau is comprised of detective and support staff and is supervised by a police sergeant. Detectives are assigned specific caseloads under one of two general categories: 

  • Crimes Against Persons caseloads include Robbery/Homicide; Domestic Violence; Elder/Child Abuse;  Sex Crimes; Assaults; Weapons Violations. 
  • Crimes Against Property caseloads include Forgery/Fraud; Identity Theft; Elder Financial Abuse; Grand Theft Auto; Residential/Commercial Burglary; Grand Theft. 

The complexity of modern criminality requires detectives be trained and knowledgeable in all the specific types of criminal activities in each category. Investigative Services personnel conduct all aspects of criminal investigations.

OTHER CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES HANDLED BY THE DETECTIVE BUREAU Civilian, non-sworn support personnel (a Police Service Officer) also handle a variety of matters including Misdemeanor Adult Crimes; Alhambra Municipal Code Violations; Annoying & Harassing Telephone Calls; Vandalism. 

Additional tasks include: Subpoena Service, Photo Lab Duties and Court Liaison. An assigned uniform patrol officerwill conduct an initial investigation, write a report on the crime circumstances, pertinent facts, witness statements andlist physical evidence at the scene. Cases are prioritized for investigative follow-up based on the severity and natureof the crime and the presence or absence of workable leads. Current investigative skills, techniques and technicalresources are used to identify, locate and apprehend criminal suspects, recover stolen property and provide prosecutors with criminal cases that will culminate in successful prosecutions. 


  • The S.E.U. unit is comprised of detectives assigned to specific caseloads involving all gang-related criminal activity, vice, narcotics, criminal intelligence and alcohol-related crimes and is supervised by a police sergeant. The unit works with county, state and federal law enforcement agencies.
  • Gang enforcement officers assigned to the Field Services Division work in partnership with SEU conducting monthly enforcement operations focusing on criminal gang activity, parolees, and those on active probation. One S.E.U. detective is assigned to the West Covina Police Department's Special Enforcement Team.
  • The detective works with sworn law enforcement personnel from county, state and federal agencies investigating and apprehending criminal suspects involved in narcotics trafficking. 


  • The Property Unit, staffed by a Property Clerk, annually processes on average 5,000 items of property and evidence booked into the property system. Items are logged, inventoried. Tens of thousands of pieces of property are maintained in the Property Unit. The Property Clerk is also responsible for releasing and disposing of items pursuant to applicable law.
  • Persons seeking the return of any item(s) booked into the Police Department's Property Unit should contact the Property Clerk at 626-570-5148 to make an appointment for pick up. Pick-up times are: Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. 
  • This section is responsible for the intake of all property booked as evidence, safekeeping or found. All property must be verified, properly catalogued and stored until needed for court release or other disposition. 
  • The property clerk maintains property records to ensure that the chain of custody is maintained. Upon receipt of disposition instructions from either investigators or the court, items are pulled for destruction, auction, donation or conversion for City use. 
  • All efforts are made to locate the owners of found property. All persons requesting items for pick-up must do so by appointment only. For more information, contact the Property Clerk at 626-570-5148.

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