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  • Mission Road Street Rehabilitation Project (Garfield to the west city limits, including installation of landscape medians - STP-L Funds and Measure R)


  • Granada Ave. & Clay Court Street Rehabilitation Project
  • Water Transmission Line - Well #9 to the Groundwater Treatment Plant
  • Midwick Tract Paving Project – Funded through Measure R & Utilities Department Funds.
  • Garfield Avenue Paving Project – Funded through STP-L Funds and Proposition C Transportation Funds.
  • Main Street Rehabilitation Project - Funded through Proposition 1B Fund, Proposition C Fund, Measure R Funds, InLieu Fees & Sewer/Storm Drain Fund
  • Valley Boulevard Median and Street Improvement Project (from Marengo Avenue to the western City Limit). Funded primarily through grants from the Federal government ($1,439,840) and MTA ($1,113,000) along witha contribution of $921,148 from the City's Proposition "C" Transportation funds.
  • New Avenue Street Improvement Project. Funded by $2.6 million in federal Stimulus Funds.
  • Mission Road Railroad Wall Mural Project.
  • Alhambra Road from the east city limit to west city limit.Funded by the City's allocation of $2.6 million in federal Stimulus Funds.
  • Installation of two "Safe Routes to School" projects (Second & Alhambra and Curtis & Commonwealth- installation of LED-lighted crosswalks. Funded by $2.6 million in federal Stimulus Funds.
  • Commonwealth Avenue between Garfield & Raymond - Funded by HUD and Proposition 1B funds
  • 2012 ADA Ramp Construction Project - locations Palmetto between Second & Fourth; Woodward between Almansor & Stoneman; Ramona Road between Date & Edgewood; Glendon & Ethel; and Elgin & Chapel.
  • ADA Handicap Ramps in the Midwick Track and Southwest Alhambra Funded with CDBG-R Economic Stimulus Funds.
  • Poplar Boulevard (Fremont Avenue to the west city limit).Funded by the City's allocation of $2.6 million in federal Stimulus Funds
  • Gateway Plaza Park (northwestern corner of Fremont & Valley).
  • Fremont Avenue (Montezuma Avenue to the southern city limit).
  • Atlantic Boulevard-Grind/Overlay Project (Main Street to Glendon Way).
  • Reconstruction of Shorb Street (from Garfield to Sixth Street, including sidewalk handicapped ramps).
  • Painting of Freeway Overpasses with City Logo.
  • Atlantic Boulevard Repaving Project (from Main Street to Huntington Drive).
  • Residential street improvements (ongoing).
  • HUD sidewalk repairs (ongoing).
  • Handicapped ramps - various locations (ongoing).
  • Sidewalk Improvements - various locations (ongoing).
  • Concrete Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter Repair (ongoing).
  • Reconstruction & Overlay Projects - various locations (ongoing).
  • Mission Road Improvement Project - First Street to the East City Limit, includes a wider street, improvedlighting, protected turn lanes for increased safety, and a new sidewalk
  • Fremont Avenue Street Widening & Improvement Project - ($10.5 million project funded without CityGeneral Funds; included improvements north from the 10 Freeway to Commonwealth Avenue.)
  • Valley Boulevard Street Widening and Beautification - This $6 million street widening project (funded bythe County of Los Angeles and MTA) was undertaken to improve air quality, reduce traffic delay, reduce fuelconsumption and noise, upgrade drainage and flood control facilities, and beautify the corridor. The projectincluded general street widening at select locations. In addition, the existing pavement, many undergroundutilities and other roadway ancillary features were upgraded. Planter medians with dedicated left turn laneswere installed to assist in the beautification to decrease the number of mid-block accidents. As part of theproject, state-of-the-art traffic signals were installed. The new signals have a preemption feature that allowspublic safety vehicles the ability to change the signal phase to green giving the emergency vehicle theright -of-way.
  • Improved Downtown Parking - The City now has three parking structures in the Downtown area:1) North Chapel Ave. - capacity for 300 vehicles; 2) South First St. - capacity for 272 vehicles; and3) Garfield & Main: Renaissance Plaza Parking which provides parking for more than 800 vehicles withaccess off of either Stoneman Avenue or Elgin Street.
  • Freeway Underpass Beautification Project - In 1991, the City of Alhambra began a program to beautify theunderpasses along the San Bernardino Freeway. At that time, a design was developed to paint the City'sgateway logo at each of the five locations: New Ave., Garfield Ave., Sixth St., Atlantic Blvd. and Fremont Ave. Inaddition to the logo, the underpass walls were painted to complement the design. More recently, the Citycontracted to have the underpasses repainted with the original logo design.
  • Anti-Graffiti Project: doubled efforts to keep walls free of graffiti by doubling the staff dedicated to that task.The public is encouraged to call the Graffiti Hotline ANYTIME they see a graffiti problem at 626-570-5072.
  • City Entry Identification: At each of the City's freeway entrance locations, 22-foot river-rock was installed in acircle pattern, with a giant "A" planted in the center that feature beautiful colorful blooming flowers - animpressive signature welcoming those entering our community.
  • Historic Neighborhood Identification Signs: In recognition of Alhambra's historic neighborhoods, signs havebeen posted to designate historically-significant areas of the City, including the Alhambra Tract; Emery Park;Marguerita-Souders Tract, Mayfair Tract, Midwick Tract, Ramona Park, Airport Tract, Alhambra Hills Tract,Alhambra Park, Alhambra Vista Tract, Alhambra Park, Carpenter-Nathanson Tracts, Ethel Park, Emery ParkHills, Front Street, Granada Park, Hellman Avenue, Lindaraxa Park, Martha Baldwin, Midwick Park, OliveAvenue Tract, Ramona, Ramona Acres, San Pasqual Drive, Shorb Street, and Shorb Tract.

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