Business License Tax Schedule

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Office of the Revenue Manager 111 S. First St., Alhambra, CA 91801
Phone: 626-570-5020
Fax: 626-308-4868
Building Division Counter Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Plan Check Counter Hours: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm


Gross 10,000,001 and up - *Multiply gross receipts by 0.0001885

ASSESSMENT DISTRICT - (For businesses in Alhambra only). Please contact the Business License Division to determine if your business is located within the Assessment District

RESIDENTIAL RENTALS with gross under $20,000 shall pay a $45.00 license fee annually.

IN ADDITION TO THE FEES ABOVE, there will be a $57.00 application fee for new licenses, or a $26.00 renewal fee for existing licenses. Includes $4.00 State Mandated Disability Access Fee.

Under federal and state law, compliance with disability access laws is a serious and significant responsibility that applies to all California building owners and tenants with buildings open to the public. You may obtain information about your legal obiligations and how to comply with disability access laws at the following agencies:

  • The Division of the State Architect at
  • The Department of Rehabilitation at
  • The California Commission on Disability Access at


* Requires an investigation by the Alhambra Police Department.* * Requires an investigation by the Alhambra Police Department and the U.S. Department of Justice.

PENALTY:Return completed signed application, along with your payment to the Finance Department office within 30 days of the start of business operation. Failure to pay when due will cause a penalty to be added on the first day of each month after the due date according to the following penalty schedule:

First month = 10%Second month = 25%Third month = $50%Fourth month = 75%Fifth month = 100% 

In addition to the penalties imposed, delinquent businesses will be assessed interest at the rate of 1% per month from the date the license first becomes delinquent until it is paid.

e project created needed retail space (including a Denny's Restaurant), affordable housing for seniors, and the elimination of slum and blight. The project has provided the City with $20,000 per year in sales tax revenue and $44,344 in annual property tax revenue.

New Century BMW dealership: Many of the Main Street Auto Row dealerships were given financial incentives to locate and/or expand, leading to approximately $3.3 million annually in sales tax revenue to the City.

Howard Street Town homes Affordable Housing Project

Main Street - Northwest Corner of First & Main

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