To start a new business, call the Finance Department at 626-570-5021.

Contact the Planning Division at 626-570-5034 to determine if the desired business location is in an appropriate zone.

NEW LICENSES (626-570-5021)

  • All businesses and contractors, including rental property owners, operating in the City of Alhambra need a Business License (submitted to Finance Dept.) and an Occupancy Permit (submitted to the Development Services Dept.).
  • Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed and assigned a license number.  
  • The Business License Tax Certificate is issued after all approvals are made (including Occupancy Permit).  


  • Most business licenses are issued annually, to be renewed each year within 30 days of expiration to avoid penalties and interest charges.
  • Renewal is through the Finance Department (First floor of City Hall), 111 S. First St., Alhambra, CA 91801.  


  • The name of the business or individual
  • The physical address/mailing address of the business
  • Residential and commercial rentals need to list the locations and unit numbers
  • Contact names and phone numbers
  • Description of the type of business to be conducted
  • Tax identification number (Social Security or Federal ID number)
  • Type of business (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation)
  • Partnerships must list at least two names with information and signatures of all parties
  • Corporations should list major officers
  • Contractors must list the state license number and class
  • Estimation of gross receipts for the first year of business 


  • A Certificate of Occupancy is needed for all businesses located within city limits, whether in a home or business location. (See Business Occupancy Fee Schedule). Submit the application for a Certificate of Occupancy to the Development Services Department - Planning Division; Request is then reviewed. If approved, building and fire inspections are required.
  • A Home Occupancy permit is required for all home businesses. Submit the application for a Home Occupancy permit to the Development Services Department for review to ensure that the type of business is permitted to be conducted in the home. A home business does not require an inspection.
  • The Certificate of Occupancy will be issued once all inspections are completed and approved.  A Certificate of Occupancy is required before a Business License Tax Certificate can be issued. 


  • Signature of the owner/officers on the Business License Application Form, and Home or Business Occupancy Permit Application.
  • Any additional forms, if needed according to the business type.
  • Take competed application form to the Development Services Department. The representative will give you a receipt form that indicates required fees pertaining to your type of business and whether it is permitted at theproposed location.
  • Take the Receipt Form and Business License application to the Finance Department and pay all applicablefees, including:
  • Business license tax, based on gross receipts and/or type of business;
  • Occupancy Permit - $142;
  • Assessment District Fee if the business is located within the Assessment District.(Contact the Finance Department/Business License Division for Assessment District locations);
  • Fire Department inspection fee: $101 per hour, with a one-hour minimum; $61 per hour(with one-hour minimum) for recheck inspections.
  • Schedule inspections for any additional items such as occupancy or vehicle inspections.
  • Return the validated copy of the Receipt Form to Development Services.
  • Call the Building Division at 626-570-3240 when your business is completely set up to request an Occupancy Inspection. The inspection will be conducted the next business day and will be signed off as "inspection complete" or "another inspection needed."
  • Request a Fire Department Inspection at the same time you request an Occupancy Inspection by calling 626-570-5181. Leave your name, business name, business address and phone number on the recorder.
  • Call the Los Angeles County Health Department, West Covina Office at 626-813-3379 to obtain a Health Department license if your business involves the sale of food or affects the public health or welfare. It must approve your building and equipment plans, and the premises must pass a Health Department Inspection before opening. Inspections usually take place within a few days of receipt of the license application.
  • When all inspections are complete, you will receive a Certificate of Occupancy and a Business License in the mail. 

You are now ready to start your business!

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