What permits are needed to operate a business?

All businesses operating from a store, office, warehouse, manufacturing plant, etc. must obtain permits for a Business License and Certificate of Occupancy. Applications for both are available on-line. Certificate ofOccupancy permits are handled through the Planning Division. If approved, a minimum application fee of $65plus a $95 Fire Department inspection fee will be charged. The Business License application is handled through the Finance Department. Fees for this license can vary depending upon the gross annual receipts of the business. The business location must be inspected and approved by a Building Inspector and Fire Inspector before either permit is valid. 

Home-based businesses (maximum of 100 square feet of area) must apply for a Business License and Home Occupancy Permit. These applications are also available online. Home Occupancy Permits are handled through the Planning Division and have a $90 application fee. The Business License can be obtained through the Finance Department. No inspection is required for this type of business. For more detailed information on all that is required to start up a new business, click here