Is a permit required to build a wall or fence?

A building permit is not normally required. However, the Planning Division must approve the wall or fence prior to installation. For approval, you will need a site plan of the property showing the locations of the property lines, house, garage and any other buildings such as storage shed, driveway, existing walls, fences and gates, and the location of the proposed wall or fence. The plan must also note the materials to be used, and height/length of the wall or fence. 

The maximum height of residential walls or fences in a front yard or in the first five feet of a corner side yard is three feet. Front yard fences must be setback from the front property line (usually the edge of the sidewalk), a minimum of five (5') feet and are subject to review by the City Design Review Board. The maximum height of walls or fences in an interior side yard is six feet. Wood, brick, concrete block and wrought iron are acceptable materials. Chain link fences are prohibited in front and side yards but are allowed in interior and rear yards. Any sharp wire, such as barbed wire or razor wire is not allowed in a residential zone. Also, sharp projecting objects are not permitted at the top of any wall or fence.  

A building permit is only required if the height of the wall or fence will be greater than six feet high, or it will be used as a retaining wall that holds back more than 36 inches of soil.